The Scottish Government has today (April 11th) published a new framework to strengthen Scotland’s engagement with global connections, the Scottish Connections Framework. The new Framework seeks to expand links and networks with Scottish people living elsewhere in the world, those with Scottish heritage, people who have previously lived in Scotland including alumni and those with professional, business, cultural or other links to Scotland.

In response, Professor Murray Pittock, SAHA’s co-Chair, said:

“This new framework could potentially be an important step towards developing meaningful connections with Scottish people abroad, people of Scottish heritage, and people interested in Scotland and Scottish culture worldwide.

“We welcome the potential to engage Scots abroad and anyone interested in discovering or deepening their knowledge of Scottish culture, economy and more. Scotland has so much to offer, its rich tapestry of art, history and heritage should be available to everyone, everywhere.”





Notes to editors:

The Scottish Connections Framework can be found here

Professor Pittock’s tweet on The Scottish Connections Framework can be found here