The human species has forever been adapting to dynamic environmental conditions. The premodern world provides a laboratory of various experiments in human-environment interactions: a rich history of successes and failures, acute and chronic pressures, false-starts and path dependencies, resilience and vulnerabilities—all operating on a global scale over the longue durée. How should we collate, compare, and engage critically with this past record in order to drive change in the modern climate crisis?

An online version of the programme is available here.

The keynote lectures, by Dr Christopher Schliephake and Professor Rebecca Hardin, will be hybrid. All other events will be in-person only (in the Physics Building at the University of St Andrews, at no. 15 on the university map here). To receive the Teams link for remote attendance for the keynote lectures please subscribe to the CAES mailing list.

The event is organised by the University of St Andrews and generously funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Please note that only the keynote lectures will be hybrid.

Everyone is welcome.

There is no conference fee, however attendees are kindly asked to confirm their presence by emailing (please specify CAES workshop 27 May in the subject line).

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