48% of the reach and impact produced in English between 2014 and 2020 was judged 4*, by far the best result in the Arts and Humanities, and an outcome that belongs to all departments, large and small, across the four nations of the UK. In 2023, The English Association will be digging into the REF Impact Case Studies in a rolling series of events. The English Association, the Institute for English Studies and University English will team up to look behind the numbers to understand what our colleagues in departments of English are achieving. The goal is to understand the deep social, cultural and economic impact our subject is achieving. 

The impacts chosen for the  first meeting have all had an economic impact, or have informed economic understanding. The audience will be hearing from the teams behind the following case studies:

  • Shakespeare North (Liverpool John Moores)
  • Maximising the economic and cultural value of Robert Burns for Scotland (Glasgow)
  • Show Me the Money: Improving Public and Professional Understanding of Finance (Southampton/Edinburgh)
  • Poetry as a Driver of Business Innovation: Westpark Residential Development (Newcastle)

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